Waste Matters…what does it all mean?2019-09-30T06:13:27+02:00

Waste Matters…what does it all mean?

Currently only 44% of household waste in Hornsby Shire is diverted from going to landfill. We are still sending over 35,000 tonnes of waste to landfill each year.

We are committed to increasing the diversion of household waste from landfill, to exceed the NSW State Government’s Resource Recovery Target of 70%.

Council has started the planning process on how we can improve managing our Shire’s waste by developing a new Waste Matters Strategy. We have undertaken an extensive community consultation process and will be reviewing our services, programs and initiatives.

The community will have many opportunities to get involved and influence how we manage our Shire’s waste over the next decade.

We now have the opportunity to reduce waste going to landfill by targeting:

  • food and other organics for composting
  • recovering recyclables in our waste
  • processing our bulky waste
  • diverting non-recyclable materials to energy from waste
  • increasing the recycling of problem materials such as e-waste, mattresses and clothing
  • increasing opportunities for reusing household items
  • improving our community engagement and education activities

Council’s current collection and processing contracts will expire in 2020 and our Waste Matters Strategy will guide us in the planning of replacement contracts.